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We are leading manufacturer, supplier and dealer shop for Cobalt Chloride in Delhi. These are made from the premium grades of raw material that is procured from the reliable sources. Our range of cobalt chloride is extensively used for hydration & dehydration reaction and other chemical synthesis processes. cobalt (II) chloride is often used to make sealants, adhesives, and glues. It is also used for electroplating, particularly for plating objects with cobalt metal. Surface treating metal is another common industrial use of the compound.

Product Name Cobalt Chloride
Chemical Formula CoCl2
Appearance Reddish-pink crystals or powder
Application – Catalyst in chemical reactions
– Drying agent for gases and liquids
– Additive in ceramics and pigments
– Electroplating and electroforming applications
– Detection of moisture in desiccants and humidity indicators
– Animal nutrition supplement
Purity High purity grade available
Packaging – 25 kg bags or drums
– Custom packaging options available
Storage Store in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area
Keep away from moisture and incompatible substances
Safety Follow proper handling and storage guidelines
Use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
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